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A guide to moving day etiquette

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Moving day can indeed get hectic and stressful. There’s a lot to think about, many problems to avoid, and too many tasks to finish, something you can make easier by contacting a moving company. However, even though this is an important and exciting day for you, it shouldn’t affect the lives of other people that might be in your way. That’s why reminding ourselves of the moving day etiquette before packing and moving out is good. Here’s a guide to moving day etiquette.

Check the general rules

If your home is part of an HOA, it is necessary to check any rules or guidelines regarding the moving day. It may include the timing or parking rules. You should check with the person in charge where your movers can park and not disturb anyone else. It will help you plan the moving day and avoid stress and unexpected problems.

Inform the neighbors

It is essential to let your neighbors know that you’re moving on a particular day. Inform them about the timing and duration of your moving-out process so they are aware of possible noise. However, be sure to keep the noise down as much as possible. Avoid it when people leave for work or go to sleep, so you don’t disrupt them in their daily activities. Finally, choosing the place to park is also important. Avoid blocking other people’s driveways and entrances. If it is necessary to load some heavy items – do it quickly and inform the neighbors.

The main rule about a guide to moving day etiquette is not to block other people’s homes, entrances and driveways.

Reserve an elevator

Another thing your neighbors should know about, which will also help your movers, is to reserve one of the elevators for a specific time frame. It will be a massive help for the movers and will make the process much faster. However, part of the moving day etiquette is to inform your neighbors by putting up a sign when you need the elevator to be free.

Don’t make the job harder

It is crucial to find good-quality, reliable movers. You can easily browse your options at verifiedmovers.com and pick the ones that suit you the best. However, once the desired team arrives at the spot – let them do the work. Any team from a database like this one is trained and experienced and will do the job accordingly. There’s no need to make the process longer by correcting them, interrupting them, or simply asking too many questions for no reason. Hire the right team and trust them with the moving process.

Be around if the team needs you

Even though you shouldn’t bother them, be sure to be around if your moving team needs you. It’s not okay to disappear completely. Plan your moving day, so you can clear the schedule for that day and be at home. Ideally, find someone to take care of your kids and pets, so you can focus on the move and assist when necessary. It will make the relocation a lot safer and more accessible for everybody.

Pack the essentials separately

When packing for the move, ensure you don’t put everything in boxes and prepare them for the truck. You should know that there are items movers don’t want in their vehicles and items you’ll need on a moving day. This includes valuables, documents, and other essential things. Furthermore, items you need daily, such as medications, should always be with you. Please pack the box of necessities separately and keep it in your car rather than making the movers search through the other boxes for these items.

Label the boxes

One more thing that will make the unpacking process more manageable and help the movers is labeling the boxes. Besides writing down what’s inside each parcel, make sure you color-code or label them according to the room they should go to. This will help movers sort out the moving boxes in appropriate spaces and make the unpacking process much faster.

Labeling the boxes is a part of the moving day etiquette that helps you and your moving team.

Prepare the refreshments

If you hire a moving company to handle the move or invite friends or family to help you out, make sure you prepare some refreshments. Depending on the season, get some drinks ready to help people refresh or warm up. Load the fridge with water bottles or sodas, or prepare warm coffee or cocoa if you’re moving in winter. People will appreciate your effort and do the work even better.

Protect everybody

Another thing that must come up in a guide to moving day etiquette guide is protection during the global pandemic. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic is still happening, people are moving. However, they do so while respecting specific protective measures. Be sure to provide enough replacement masks and gloves, as they tend to damage when doing hard work. Also, ensure you sanitize the boxes, door handles, staircase rails, and other parts of the house that people commonly touch. It is an additional step of protection that will make everybody feel safer in your home.

Protecting yourself as well as others is essential when moving during a pandemic.

Don’t forget to tip the movers

Last but not least, tipping the movers after the work is over is another part of a guide to moving day etiquette. Generally, the amount depends on the size of your move and the hard work the team invested in the process. It’s common to tip 10 to 15% of your move’s final price, so remember to do that, no matter how busy your day can get. Preparing the cash in advance is best, so you don’t need to calculate or look for the money on the spot. This should be the last thing to do and finish this day successfully and without any worries.

After following all these tips, the best thing to do is look for a reliable moving company. Don’t worry because Aleks Moving Company is here to help you out. They offer local moves and long-distance moves, packing services, and many others. Call their moving experts today or follow them on their social media pages to stay updated.

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