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How far in advance should you plan a move?

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If this is your first time going through a move, you likely want to ensure everything goes as well as possible. Even if you have prior experience, it can take a lot of work to deal with relocation’s stress and physical demands. Knowing how much time you will need to get everything organized becomes crucial in such a situation. Knowing that there are multiple stages of the process and that each demands considerations and time when it is best to start your preparation. Then, how far in advance should you plan a move? Well, read on and find out!

Planning out a budget

As a reliable moving company would tell you, organizing a move can be expensive, especially if you are organizing a long-distance move. There is, of course, the cost of movers to consider. But there are also packing supplies, cleaners, and other expenses. Of course, cutting down on some or most additional spending is possible. But it will, in turn, require more preparation time for you. Thus, it is often better to save up money instead! And if you start budgeting a year or even half a year in advance when planning a move, it is easy to save up enough money. This way, your move will be easier for you and your family, and you will not need to rush things at the last second.

Looking for movers

If you plan to move during the peak moving season, it is possible to start planning early enough. Contacting moving companies and engaging their services three to four months in advance would be brilliant. This would give you enough time to look into what you need to know about moving quotes and the price of other services. You can also learn about the process and get the moving company you want. Otherwise, you need help securing a reliable moving crew. Since as soon as the peak moving seasons start, their services are typically booked out for weeks ahead. Your only hope of hiring them then is that someone else would cancel.

Scoping out the neighborhood

Take into account that, just as you would look to learn about your moving company, you must also get acquainted with your future neighborhood. You should start seriously looking into the area you will be moving into one to two months before your move. Make sure to find out about the nearest bus stations, the best stores, safe routes to a school, and similarly essential information. This way, you can hit the ground running instead of floundering about when you arrive at your new home. Take into account that you should make sure your kids know at least the basic layout of the neighborhood, too. Lots of children are wary of a new environment, which would encourage them to relax and enjoy their new home.

Sorting out procedures

When wondering how far in advance should you plan a move, a lot of people forget there is a lot to do at their old address, too. You will need to cancel the subscriptions tied to it and have your mail redirected to the new address. It would help if you also had your utilities turned off. It would be best to have your medical and education records taken out. Not to mention that you must let all your friends and family know about your move on time. If you keep putting these off, you might need more time to complete everything! So, start on the checklist at least two weeks before your move.

Planning out the moving day

It is detrimental to start planning the day of the move itself too early. Many people make plans months in advance since they presumably have a moving company booked by that point. However, the moving experts associated with the verifiedmovers.com movers database warn that you should do something other than this. A lot can change or even go wrong during this time. So you want to figure out the logistics of your moving day one week or so before the date. This way, you have enough time to finish any preparations. Yet, it would also give you enough time to react to any last-minute changes in circumstances.

Packing your things

When discussing how far in advance should you plan a move, the final thing to consider is how long it will take you to pack up. Several things affect this particular aspect of your move. First, of course, is whether or not you would be packing yourself. It is possible to have most of your belongings packed by professionals ahead of time, then rent a storage facility and have them moved there. This would necessitate contacting packing services about a month ahead of time. However, if you plan to pack yourself, you should allow at least a week to finish up. You will want to sort out your belongings and decide which of them you would be getting rid of or donating. Then you’ll want enough time to sort your belongings into boxes by type and label them.

Final considerations

So, how far in advance should you plan a move? The simple answer is you can start preliminary preparations a year in advance! However, you should remember that doing some prep work too far in advance can be harmful. Remember, as well, that the primary goal of timely preparation is helping you stay healthy and in good condition throughout your move. So, do not sacrifice your health to get everything done quickly!

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