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Mistakes to avoid when moving with pets

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We adore our pets. They love us. At times, we’re on the same page as them. Sometimes they know when we are down in the dumps and will do their best to cheer us up. Likewise, we can often tell if our pet has “one of those days,” and we try to be a little more caring and gentle around them. Is it any surprise that moving strains both owners and pets alike, given the peculiar threads of intuition and compassion that bind us together in unseen ways? They can sense the tension; they know something is up but can never fully understand what. You’ve found a good offer for a long-distance move and are preparing to relocate. That’s great, but the lead-up to the relocation and the weeks that follow said move can take their toll on your beloved companion. Here are mistakes to avoid when moving with pets, so they are spared the worst.

Creature of Habit

Routines are vital to an animal’s sense of safety and comfort. Too much disruption can lead to anxiety and unhappiness; your pets could even act out. I fully understand that moving is a massive undertaking that seems to suck up all of your spare time and then some. So much planning and worrying go into it, but you cannot neglect your furry friends. Try to keep as much of their schedule as intact as possible. Hiring professional help will also help free up some time.

On the other hand, if your pet is acting out, understand why. Punishing it will only serve to exacerbate the situation further. Instead, try to comfort your pet and reward good behavior.

You Might Be Moving, But no Need to Pack Everything At Once

Similar to the previous point, packing pets‘ possessions prematurely presents problems. Alliteration and I have always had a strenuous relationship at the best of times, but the point still stands. They enjoy their routines, and they are dependent on the familiar. This also applies to washing their things before the move. Familiar smells help keep them comforted. Things that may seem unimportant to us may make a world of difference to them. Beds, blankets, that one chewed-up toy you really want to throw away, but your pet still loves it for some reason. These things give them a sense of reassurance, and it would be wise not to separate them from them. It would be best if these objects of comfort were to welcome them in this new and strange place that is to become their new home. These are all small steps that will help with the transition.

The Perfect Home… It depends on the Perspective.

Looking for the ideal house can be draining in and of itself. There are so many factors to consider, trying to understand what you need and can do without and figuring out a reasonable budget. Being financially responsible, patient in your search, being able to bounce back if your offer falls through, the list goes on and on. When you finally find what you have been looking for, you sometimes need to remember that what works for you might not work for your pet. Having a pool sounds so enticing. However, does it present a safety hazard for your pet? Is the neighborhood a pet-friendly area? Does your rare breed appear on the community’s prohibited list? Think about the house and surrounding area and if this presents a good choice for your cuddly companion. In all the excitement, nobody could blame you for overlooking this, but it is something you need to add to your list of needs.

Stay Organized

Another mistake to avoid when moving with pets is to not be organized. It is essential to remain organized and plan ahead when relocating with pets. Other steps need to be taken besides considering how to alleviate their potential stress. Identification tags should be acquired for traveling. A trip to the vet is a good idea. See that they have all their needed vaccinations, check if they are in good health, and pick up their documents. After all, you will probably be visiting a new vet from now on. Also, check up on pet restrictions and regulations in the state and area you will be moving to. This cannot be left for the moving day. Make sure to plan the process in detail, and you will be aware of the process once D-day arrives.

It’s Been Two Days; why Haven’t They Adapted?

Moving day is nothing short of chaotic. A dog, for example, being allowed to roam free around the house at such a time is the same as handing an elephant two pairs of complementary roller skates at the entrance to the antique store. Ideally, you should book a kennel. Friends and family are other welcome options. In any case, it’s a win-win, both for you and your anxiety-prone buddy. And for the movers, come to think of it, it makes their job easier too. A triple win; that’s a rarity! A common mistake that people make is to expect their pets to adapt to the change instantaneously. It’s a process. They will need time to accept the new house and neighborhood. An excellent way to help them through it all is to devote as much time as possible to them in that initial period. Creating a fixed routine from the get-go can go a long way in calming them down. Exploring the new neighborhood together is a great way to help your dog acclimatize. Once it becomes familiar with the area, you should see the stress start to wash away.

Happy Pets, Happy Owners

There you have it; these are the mistakes to avoid when moving with pets. It’s more complicated than it may seem. It requires more planning and fitting their needs into an already busy schedule. However, with the right moving company, much of that burden can be taken off your shoulders, leaving you free to tend to your pets.

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