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Reasons to hire professionals to move your art collection

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With newspaper titles alerting the public about the highest price for a piece of art bought recently, only a fool would say good art is affordable. Some good notes, and some say that’s terrible news. What about us? This article isn’t about the evils of today’s art market, so we’ll stay neutral; instead, this article will explain the reasons to hire professionals to move your art collection. Read on to know more!

Let’s cut to the chase. Since you’re reading this sentence, you might be moving sometime soon. Also, there’s a (smaller) chance you’ve obtained an impressive art collection over the years. In any case, you’re in for a treat. We’ll explain why hiring professional help is the best option and how to move your art collection without damaging your (likely) expensive and (indeed) delicate possessions.

Did we mention the artwork is valuable?

Of course, we did. But we’ll broaden the topic. To say art is expensive (only in financial terms) would be a tragedy. Poor choice of wording, but you get the point. There’s a lot of meaningful art that could be more popular and pricey. Say you’ve got an abstract painting only you like. Your love for that object is the reason behind many hilarious jokes, but you don’t care.

What matters is the way you feel about it. Above all, you don’t even know who the author is, so there’s no quick way of determining whether it could make you a fortune if you were eager to sell it. Unfortunately, names do matter more than meaning sometimes. But let’s go back to the main topic:

Why would hiring professionals make a difference?

Going DIY is not recommended here because there’s a fat chance you will damage some of the artwork during transportation. After signing a contract with professional art movers, you’ll be legally insured. If something get’s damaged, you’ll get a decent amount of funds to cover the damage. Also, could anything like that happen? Professionals don’t like bad reviews or losing money.

Imagine transporting your vase collection by yourself. We’re no masters at seeing the future, but imagining something breaking during the process is not complicated.

Moving is stressful itself; you don’t need more trouble.

You’ll find many articles on the web that mention how significant avoiding stress is. Some are concerned with the relocation process and its consequences on our mental health. There’s a good reason, so many texts speak the same: moving is stressful.

So, how to cope with moving stress? Many helpful tips are designed to make you feel less stressed out. One of them, of course, is to let professionals handle the task. Most folks need help trying to organize things on their own. Some think hiring experts is a good use of money.

Let’s mention that you can lose more money by paying for all the damage that might occur, especially when we’re talking about relocating a pricey art collection. There’s no point in taking the risk here.

Even though it sounds ironic, you’ll save money by paying someone to take care of your art collection.

Professionals are packed with quality packing materials.
Packed with packing materials? Okay, that was intentional. You probably didn’t laugh. Anyway, let’s stick to the subject. When moving your art collection by yourself, you’ll need to obtain quality packing materials. By that, we don’t mean just the regular stuff: cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, or duct tape. One of the reasons to hire professionals to move your art collection is because art movers have the best packing materials you can find on the market. They know all the packing tips and tricks you probably don’t. They want to avoid taking risks and losing money on your art relocation, as mentioned earlier. All in all: knowing the reasons to hire professionals to move your art collection saves you time and energy worrying about it. So, move your art collection in the safest way imaginable. Check out our blog page to get some tips for hiring fine art movers today!

A short story about a DIY art collection relocation gone wrong

Let’s take a moment to relax by hearing about the tale of the good old DIY art collection relocation gone wrong. We won’t mention any names. Mister X didn’t want to lose money by hiring expert art moves. He wasn’t a total cheapskate, but some would say otherwise. Mister X didn’t want anyone touching his precious art collection but himself. He had a cute little gallery in the historic city center. It was an old building, and it needed some renovation. Mister X had no option but to relocate his gallery while the building changed.

He knew his friend, an art history graduate, mister Y, owned a truck (a bizarre configuration, really). One morning mister Y arrived to pick up valuable artwork from Mister X’s gallery and carry it to the new location. They needed to attach ropes in the right way (both were pretty clumsy), and their cargo fell to the ground once they crossed the first intersection. The end.

Although damaged art can still provoke a powerful emotion, you should prevent potential threats to the safety of your pieces.

Artwork can be heavy.

The title of this paragraph may inspire some thoughts. Although art can be heavy from several viewpoints, we won’t go into that. We’re talking about some artwork being bulky and hard to move. Your friends can help you load the truck. Still, avoiding anyone carrying something beyond their abilities would be best. You can be sure art movers are trained to carry cargo most people would never try to move. That said, you can save the energy you would spend moving your artwork for something else.

Final words

We hope this was enough for you to consider hiring professionals. There’s no doubt about what you should do in this situation. In other words: minimize the stress of your move by contacting pros. Still, whatever you choose – may luck be on your side. Although you won’t need luck if you know the reasons to hire professionals to move your art collection, the previous sentence is different from our proudest literary endeavor. We’re still keeping it, though. At Aleks moving we handle antiques and art moving services for you, so call us today and we’ll take care of everything!

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