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Top tips for moving long distance in winter weather


Relocating during the winter days can get pretty cold and hectic. However, moving long-distance in winter weather in Canada is tough. Nonetheless, no matter how hard or challenging, spending the winter in Canada is a dream come true. If you love this time of the year and spending the holidays somewhere snowy and fairytale-like, there’s no better place to be. Here are the top tips for moving long distance in winter weather.

Prioritizing is key

Since moving long-distance in winter weather in Canada isn’t the same as moving in general, you need to let go of your idea of a perfect move. It’s just not going to happen. Remember the most important stuff; everything else will either fall into place or get done. As long as you can stay healthy and sane during this time, that’s all that matters. Of course, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. The most effective way to do this is to list all your upcoming obligations. Be realistic and create a timetable in which you’ll be able to get to every single thing on your list.

Make sure that your new home is move-in ready.

There’s nothing worse than relocating during the winter days and getting to your beautiful home only to find out that your electricity isn’t on. Double, or better yet, triple-check whether the utilities have been turned on and your home is move-in ready. You may not be aware of the severity of this potential mistake if you’re moving from a warmer climate, but be sure that winters in Canada are okay.

Hire a reliable moving company

It’s only natural that you’ll want to be very hands-on during your long-distance move in winter weather. However, since you’ve probably only relocated once or twice, you may need more experience and knowledge in many areas. Hiring movers will mean letting someone with more experience take over and learning from them. You’ll be able to ask about anything you’re unsure of and feel much more in control than if you were to do this on your own.

Make sure to approach finding movers seriously and be thorough in your research. Luckily, there are many great relocation professionals in Canada that you can contact. Finding someone local who knows the place you’re moving to is a great idea.

Clear your driveway

Other top tips for moving long distance in winter weather is, during the moving days you’ll need to be very mobile. Since this can be tough during winter, you must ensure that your driveway is always clear and accessible. Also, sprinkle salt over your driveway and the road leading up to it. You’ll avoid slipping and sliding on food inside your vehicle.

Moving long-distance in winter weather with kids

The stakes are even higher if you’re relocating across Canada with the whole family. You’ll need to organize how and when your children will be involved. To make this easy on your family, you should hire a babysitter from time to time. Hence, they’re absent during the more significant and demanding parts. The best thing that you could do is get them excited about the move and let them feel involved in the fun bits. However, suppose you think you’ll be stressed out and worried. In that case, there will be a better environment for them.

Relocating with a pet

Moving with a pet can be a more significant challenge than moving with a child. You cannot explain the situation to them, which could be hard for your furry friends. The best option is to leave them with your neighbors, friends, or family members until your home is move-in ready. You should only transfer them and let them get used to the new place.

Check on the weather forecast frequently.

Regardless of whether this is already a part of your daily routine, you’ll need to check the weather forecast during this time religiously. This is the only way you’ll be able to predict when and where you’ll be able to go. Due to the weather conditions, your schedule will change once or twice (or about 15 times). If you can predict it, your life will be easier.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”

A wise man once said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” Make sure always to dress appropriately and layer your clothing. This way, no matter where you find yourself or where you’re going, you’ll be able to take off or add on as needed.

Stay safe
The most important thing, no matter how your long-distance move turns out, is for you and your family to stay safe.

Adjust your tires – Preparing your car for moving long-distance in winter weather is just as important as planning the move. Make sure to use tire chains if necessary.

Check the road conditions – Apart from checking the weather conditions, you should also check the road conditions. They tend to vary in Canada during the winter days, and changing your planned route at the last second could save you valuable time.

Follow all the signs – Make sure to drive carefully and follow all the signs and regulations for each section of the road. They’re there for a reason.

Stay COVID-19 safe

Even though things aren’t as bad as they once were, moving during the pandemic can still be challenging. Make sure to follow all the guidelines currently in effect in Canada. Keeping both yourself and other people safe is of utmost importance. If you follow the above top tips for moving long distance in winter weather, your move will not only be stress-free but also covid-19 free.

Plan for delays

As you’re probably already aware, moving long-distance in winter weather will take a lot of work and effort. Make sure to take into account that there’ll be some delays. Of course, the better you plan your relocation, the fewer chances of this happening. So, make sure you contact long-distance movers on time and let them help you ease the stress.

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